War against the “Burnt Chop Syndrome”

For those of you that have never heard of this expression it’s a typically Aussie originated description of the mother who puts themselves last, the “Marty Mum”. She who showers last, just in case they ran out of hot water and/or sits in the broken chair at the family dinner table. Or for the inspiration for this blog, gives the last appointment at the beautician and hairdresser, or even the appointment to her daughter or leaves the extra money for husband to go to the Golf Club fees……… Oh! because they so deserve it more than her!!! Meanwhile she continues to walk around with dry skin and hair, grey roots, hairy legs and face!! Really girls what is that all about?

In my 40+ years in the hair and beauty industry I have met many women from all different walks of life that clearly are suffering from this terminal illness. Have we inherited this from the mothers and grandmothers of the 40s and 50s? Maybe, however I have felt compelled for a long time to create a blog to find a cure for this disease or even to simply encourage all mums and women in general to embrace the ageing process with the same nurturing arms that mothers give to their family’s and apply this to themselves. In the coming weeks and months, I will be offering up all the tips, tricks and advice from the experts, on hair and beauty exclusively for those who don’t wear makeup at all anymore because there was no where else to go after blue mascara. Who said beauty blogs are just for the young.

With Much Love Jo, Jooj XXXX

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