War against “Burnt Chop syndrome” 2.

Going Grey fabulously.

Part 1.

Everyone knows someone who sports a striking shade of sterling and many of our silver all-stars wear the shade beautifully. These gorgeous women don't lack sex appeal, so they say, but is this a reason to grow your greys out? Or is it how you feel about yourself?? “Nobody looks at me” “It’s not about me” “I’m not important” “I’ve had my day” “Let me eat the burnt chop its oookay” “Ring a bell? Honestly without a full time stylist and makeup artist at hand every day grey hair is just plain “Grandma”!. Let’s face it girls, I understand the maintenance of colouring hair is tedious and expensive when heading into retirement years, but seriously! They say 50 is the new 40 and so on…….. lest embrace this notion FGS!

Women can do so much to keep their faces and bodies looking young these days why not your hair? There are ways you can stretch out your 4 – 6-week root tint and introduce natural grey into your colour without throwing in the towel completely.

1. Go Lighter: Many women have the preconceived idea that lighter hair won’t suit their eye or skin tone, however this idea is simply not true, this notion sits firmly back when your dark chocolate brown hair looked fabulous when you were 20. Think again, as you mature, and your hair starts to go grey your skin tone changes, so lighter shades soften your skins appearance therefore making blonde a very real option. Grey roots in lighter hair don’t show as much as darker colours so it’s possible to stretch your colour between root tints.

1. Embrace your silver. Don’t fall in love with it. It’s possible to incorporate your natural grey with the clever placement of different colour foils or blocks of colour strategically throughout, to look stylish and youthful. Encourage your stylist to get creative. Discuss leaving colour off the areas you see most over the part and around the front hair line…… (that’s leave these areas to remain white/grey) and colour the rest of the hair! Choose something bold and bright or a mix of Stirling and caramel…. High and low lights ……. Just like your life ……. Right??

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